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Meet & Greet

HTS Couples and Singles are invited out to our
Meet & Greets
For a Look See!

These are little gatherings of members and non-members. We normally meet at various bars and clubs around Houston. Couples and Individuals new to the Lifestyle' are encourged to come out to this safe neighborhood bar on Wednesday evenings. The dress is casual. If you have never been out to meet anyone in the group, this is a great no pressure, no expectations, no hassle, environment to just get to meet some of your fellow members.
And you don't even have to do that just come out and watch us (we are normal people I promise...well, most of us are).

This Weeks Hump Day Meet & Greet: TBA

Hump Day Meet and Greet

The M&G Starts Around 8:00 P.M. and goes till...

Some Pics From Our Previous Parties