HTS Lifestyle FAQ

Here you can find answers to questions about how the board works. Use the links or search box below to find your way around.

Lifestyle Information

The Lifestyle information is an extra page with check boxes to complete information about Your status in the lifestyle. This information shows up on your porfile for others to see and most of it is searchable so that you and others can make a connection. Click Here To View Your Lifestyle Info Page"

Where do I post my pictures?

There are two places members can post pictures in. The first is on your Public Profile page
The second in the Photo Gallery. Please remember: all pictures showing genitalia must be place in a private album. Look for the private album check box if uploading graphic pictures.

1. You can access your Public Profile page by clicking on the 'My Public Profile' link under the Members Tools drop down menu. From there you can create albums and add pictures to them; or you can click on the 'Your Control Panel' link and use the menu on the left side to add & edit your profile picture, avatar, and albums.

2. You can access the Photo Gallery by clicking on 'Photos' drop down menu. The link to create your own albums is on the left side of the Gallery Home page.

Why am I having problems viewing some of the pages in this site?

The problem could be that your membership is restricted due to one of several reasons:
  1. Your current membership does not give you access. To gain access to all parts of the website with a paid membership, please visit Membership Options page: CLICK HERE
  2. You have not conpleted your registration by confirming your email address and activation your membership (to do this check your email for the activation codes or contact Admin HERE).
  3. You haven't visited the site for sometime and your membership is on incative status. Contact Admin to move your membership to active status.
  4. Your membership has been restricted due to some violation of site polices. Check your Pivate Messages to see if you've been placed on restriction
  5. The site cookies didn't clear the last time you left the site and are causing a problem please follow this link to clear all cookies: . After clearing cookies please goto the front page at and re-enter the site. You May Have To Agree To The TOS Again But You Do NOT need to re-register.

What are validations?

On the member's list and on each member's profile there is a link to add or read member's validations.

If you have met with a couple or single let others know what you think. Tell them how great they are or not. Just don't be abusive. However, you can gush all you want.

What are user titles ?

User 'Titles' are the names that appear under the use name. These titles change by the number of post you make. Until you make one post your are a 'Newbie', from 1 thru 4 a 'Member', 5 to 15 a 'Interested Member', 15 - 99 a 'Active Member', and 100 up 'Senior Member'.

Who are Guest

We have two types of 'Guest':
Most are former members who have left the site. Their post are still listed but they no longer have a profile
and can not be contacted thru the site.

Others are invited 'Guest', most of these are Club owners or managers whom we've listed in our 'Clubs' links

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