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Universal Law Of Swinging


Just as it says "No" is no, not maybe or later or keep asking or any number of things you might have wished was said instead of "No".

A person does not have to be rude to say no. Anyone can say no in a polite way. If you are the object of the 'no', be you a single male, single female, or couple, you need to learn to read others not interested clues.

When in doubt it is better to leave it alone. If you are not sure if he, she, or they, said 'No' leave it to them to make the next move. If the person or couple you approched is interested they will let you know.

10 Comandments of Swinging

1. Never attempt to break up a marriage. .
2. Always keep dates unless you give ample notice of changing circumstances. .
3. Always keep the first meeting on a "no strings attached" basis, but be prepared to swing if it is mutually agreeable or to give an honest answer if something doesn't click. .
4. Never, under any circumstances exert pressure on a partner to swing. .
5. Restrict discussions of swinging to known swingers and interested persons seeking information. .
6. Protect the anonymity of other swingers by refraining from unauthorized "name dropping." .
7. Always maintain the highest standards of personal cleanliness and appearance. .
8. Do not engage in any unlawful activity that would discredit swingers as a group. .
9. Be friendly and warm with your swing partners, but understand that there is a type of emotional involvement, which is properly reserved for a spouse or "primary significant other." .
10. Always show respect for the personal attitudes, feelings and "hang-ups" of other swingers. .
(Courtesy of Swingers of Spokane)

House Party Rules

Rules set up by home owner(s) or party organizer for conduct while attending a house party.

Swinging Terms & Acronyms

Please follow this link to the Swingers Dictonary. Here you will find the answer to many of the terms and acronyms used by swingers as well as those in an alternative lifestyle.
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Swinger Dictionary:
Swingers Terms

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