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What Are HTS Parties?

Well, the simple answer is they are just an excuse to party! HTS host parties so that other members can get to know one another. It is also a great no pressure, no expectations, enviroment for those new in the Swinging Lifestyle to see what really goes on at a swingers club.

There are great prizes we give away, contest, dancing, and of course drinking. Almost every party we give-a-way a trip to one of the 'lifestyle' resorts and we alway have great door prizes.

Who Attends The HTS Parties?

Attendance is limited to HTS Members with a few exceptions. The parties are for HTS Members and their guest. We work hard to get sponsors for our give-a-ways and we only want our members to receive these prizes.

Depending on where the party is held there may be some non-members admitted unpon the request of the club owner or non-members may be admitted after a certain hour.

Where Are HTS Parties Held?

At the moment we host parties at verious clubs in the Houston area. We are hoping to expand out to other areas very soon as our membership base has grown outside of Houston.

We currently hold parties in all types of clubs in the Houston area. Some are 'Lifestyle' clubs, some are just 'Swinger' friendly, and some are just regular clubs that have given us exclusive use for the night.

If you know of a club that you think would be a great place to hold a party let us know. We are always looking for new venues.

What Should I Wear To A HTS Party?

What you wear to a party may depend on the party's theme.

In general you should dress to impress. Men should wear a button up shirt and slacks, dockers, or dress jeans. Women should dress as sexy as they dare.

There should be no T-shirts, sweat shirts, faded jeans, or flip-flop shoes (execpt for the pool party).

For theme parties dressing in the spirit of the party is encourged but is not required.

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