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About Katrina and Henry

HTS Lifestyle is run by a wonderfull couple, Katrina and Henry ( me). We have been involved with the 'Lifestyle', or 'Swinging' as it was known, since about 1999. The kids had moved out or had been sent off to college and we were looking to spice up our sex lives. After a few false starts and much trial and error we got the ball rolling and have not looked back. Katrina and I are very much in love with each other. The experiences have enriched our lives and brought us closer together. Katrina and I are very selective as to whom we will play with, but don't let that fool you. When we cut loose often there are very satified swingers scattered in our wake.

The HTS Lifestyle Philosophy

When you join HTS Lifestyle, or the Houston Texas Swingers Yahoo group, you are joining a diverse community of couples and individuals. Our goal has always been to promote the full spectrum of sexual experiences in a friendly and safe environment. At HTS Lifestyle NO MEANS NO! We want everyone to feel comfortable whether it be at one of our Meet and Greets or at one of the parties held in various 'swinger friendly' clubs around the Houston metroplex. Couples new to the 'Lifestyle' can feel safe attending our events knowing that they will not be pressured into anything. We put an extra effort into making new couples feel comfortable. Katrina and I were newbies once and can still remember being terrified by thoughts of an uncomfortable situation with strangers.

HTS Lifestyle Beginnings

HTS Lifestyle, or also known as Home Town Swingers Lifestyle, was started as a Yahoo Group by Katrina in Houston Texas. Back then we were known as Houston Texas Swingers. Katrina was looking for a place to find out about swinging in the Houston area. All the news groups and other Yahoo groups seemed to be filled with more spam than real content so she created her own group.

Katrina wanted to have a place where local swingers could come in, post their messages, pictures, information about swinger clubs, etc. and not have to wade through tons of spam. The Yahoo group grew very quickly and is still growing today. When the Yahoo started having problems with access and space limitations Katrina asked me to create a duplicate group out on the web and so we created HTS Lifestyle. We are constantly trying to improve both the website and it content. We must be doing something right as our site has continued to grow with members from all around the globe.

Swinger Guides

Swinger Guides are couples who act as "guides", if you will, to help those newbies get into the "swing" of thing. These Swinger Guides are just that, and will not pressure the newbies into anything they are not ready for. These experienced couples should be more like close friends that new couples can confide in about what to wear or how to act or when to say no.
To see our list of Swinger Guides please CLICK HERE

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