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  1. The Karma Sutra Lounge Vampires Ball - MFMF Full Swap
  2. Single Guy’s Guide to Swinging: Getting Started in the Lifestyle
  3. Review: Naked Hot Tub Party + 3 MFMF Experiences
  4. Couple’s Guide to Swinging: Playing with NEW Couples
  5. Review: Behind Closed Doors White Party
  6. FMF Threesome Experience: E
  7. Ask Us Anything: Do You Like Bi Guys?
  8. We Are Taking a Break from Single Guys
  9. Ask Us Anything: Can You Recomend Places for STD Testing?
  10. Review: The Kumasatra Lounge Toga Party
  11. Ask Us Anything: We are Attending the Behind Closed Doors Event in June. Have You Been? Any Thoughts
  12. Hot Wives of NYC Party Accuses the Manor as Source of Scandal
  13. Upcoming Events
  14. Ask Us Anything: How Often Are You Online to Update Your Happenings?
  15. NJ House Party - One Full Swap + One Half Swap
  16. Couple's Guide to Swinging: Creating an Effective Profile
  17. Our Swinging Personals Ad
  18. Ask Us Anything: Are There Any Vanilla Bars or Lounges That Attract Lifestyle Couples?
  19. Ask Us Anything: How Do You Deal with Jealousy & What Safeguards Do You Have to Prevent Developing E
  20. Couple’s Only Dinner Party – Full Swap - Jocelyn & Tim
  21. Hampton's Lusty Luau Party + Two Full Swaps & A FMF Threesome
  22. NYPD Shuts Down New York Swingers Party
  23. Ask Us Anything: Intersted in Playing with a Goodlooking Single Guy?
  24. Review: Hampton’s 5th Annual White Party + 2 MFMF Experiences
  25. MFMF Full Swap with E&C